Friendship and Music has some friends, partners and sponsors that help us do what we do. Here are some of them:

Plan B Malmö
This is our home venue, where we ”live” and do most of our work. Plan B is letting us book 100 local bands this summer and put them up in their awesome venue. Please help us help Plan B stay alive during these difficult times through visiting

The non-profit organisation NGBG is a hub for all organisations and smaller businesses that are situated on and around Norra Grängesbergsgatan. They also put together the massive, yearly one day street festival simply known as NGBG Festival! Thanks to the NGBG organisation, the area has now been declared a specially protected cultural/production area, which is invaluable for the many artists and smaller DIY businesses in the area. This means that they don’t have to become evicted any time soon due to housing being built. In addition, NGBG has assisted FAM in providing an office space on Norra Grängesbergsgatan 11! Please become a member of NGBG to support the future of the street festival and community on the street:

FAM organizes study circles, workshops and some live concerts in cooperation with the local Studiefrämjandet organisation.

Unga Arrangörsnätverket/Svensk Live
FAM is a part of Unga Arrangörsnätverket, a membership organisation that specifically works with young promoters and finding ways of supporting them through projects and mentorships. Our FAM Crew have participated in the project Amplify and member seminars and meetups. FAM has also received some funding from Svensk Live for a few live shows during 2020.

BID Sofielund
FAM has received support from BID Sofielund in order to get the project The FAM Cure going!

Statens Kulturråd
FAM has received support from the national KUR for their mentorship project.

Längmanska Kulturfonden
Has granted FAM some project money.